CULL #25 March 24th & 25th 2018



Lionfish Sliders a la Chef Sherri

CULL 15 Hosted at The Blue Parrot

The Blue Parrot served an incredibly delicious range of lionfish dishes — everything from these incredibly delicious lionfish sliders to Thai coconut lemongrass lionfish soup to Hawaiian Lionfish Poke.

Biggest Lionfish - 314 mm

Biggest Lionfish

The biggest lionfish was 314 mm culled by Jason Washington of Ambassador Divers.

(Photo courtesy of Courtney Platt)

Smallest Lionfish

This little guy was culled by Zach Larrabe and measured only 26 mm in size.

(Photo courtesy of Courtney Platt)

Next CULL will be held March 24th & 25th, 2018

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